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aWareAbouts keeps kids safe and parents sane. According to Tina Zucker of, “if you are looking for something to build trust and give you some peace of mind, I suggest you get this app”.

“aWareAbouts a great tool for any parent looking to build a strong foundation of trust with their child, while making sure they are safe.” –


  • Easy to understand functionality
  • Establishes strong communication without violating trust
  • Know where your kids are & teach them about obeying curfew
  • Emergency button for dangerous situations
  • One-touch “just checking in” notification option
  • Call, email, and text message functionality
  • Alerts can be received by any mobile phone or computer
  • No subscription fees
  • Runs in the background, doesn’t use up excessive battery life
  • Totally Private, no contact information is tracked.


Most apps in our category are designed to help parents spy on their children. aWareAbouts is not, it is designed to give parents peace of mind knowing their child is safe without having to resort to spying. Your kids will learn that if they can be responsible and accountable with responsibilities like obeying curfew, they can enjoy more freedoms. It will help teach your kids to make the right choice when they have the freedom to do so.


Every time your child checks in, the app sends you their location coordinates so you know where they are. There is an “emergency” button that automatically sends out emergency messages to every contact with the child’s location and auto-dials either you or 911. In a dangerous situation knowing your child’s exact location can save their life.


A time is entered into your child’s phone by which they are to check in with you. When this time comes, the app activates a reminder for the child to check in. If the child does not respond, it will continually notify the child until an action is taken. The child has the choice of either calling and speaking with you, or sending a text message or email with their specific location coordinates attached. aWareAbouts also has an ‘emergency’ button that your child can press that will send out an emergency message to all contacts within the app containing location coordinates and auto dial either 911 or your number. If your child is ever in trouble, aWareAbouts will greatly increase their chances of being unharmed.