Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill


Working with a limited budget, Costa Vida tasked The Idea Factory to develop an online presence that would represent them as a forward-thinking company that embraced different technologies to manage their brand and stay true to their passionate lifestyle and culture.


The Factory created a digital presence for Costa Vida that implemented different technologies for branding and communication. Firstly, they differentiated Costa Vida from its competitors by exhibiting that the restaurant had an executive chef. To do this, The Factory developed a YouTube channel for the chef, which featured videos that appealed to customers on an organic level. The videos showed the chef talking about different cooking techniques and ways to use fresh ingredients. The Factory also used WordPress, Twitter and Facebook to build brand loyalty and send out real time offers to customers who followed Costa Vida on differing social media platforms.


Costa Vida experienced outstanding results with its Facebook and Twitter following. Within a month of the first, real time offer being sent out via Twitter, Costa Vida’s followers went from a mere 80 to 1,450. And their number of “likes” on Facebook has grown to almost 16,000 people.