Solitude Mountain Resort Rebranding



Solitude Mountain Resort needed tools to communicate with customers about the daily happenings and events at the resort including: weather forecasts, ski conditions and travel advisories. They also wanted a way for their customers to share their experiences using photos and video.


The Factory developed a strategy that allowed Solitude to remotely update the content on their digital properties to better communicate and interact with their customers.


Integrating tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and WordPress to their website has made Solitude Mountain Resort recognizable and more interactive. By adding these tools, Solitude is now able to instantly update its on-line content through both desktop and mobile devices and send out real-time offers and alerts. In turn, customers can also post updates, as well as photos and videos of their day at Solitude. Customer engagement and interaction has soared.  Solitude’s social media properties enjoy Klout scores similar to those of much larger resorts with broader reaches.