I used to work with a guy on the account side that would spend countless hours preparing Power Point presentations stuffed with charts & graphs that were basically monuments to his outdated skill set and relevance. Shoe shopping with my wife was infinitely more pleasurable than enduring client meetings these wastes of time occupied. Anticipated ROI? The budget hasn’t even been approved. Conversion rates? No website. These were the high-minded speculation of underachievers.

So imagine my response when someone suggested we include infographics in our case histories. Once through the administrative motions of docking their pay, I realized this was a great idea and immediately appropriated it as my own. Infographics are a concise way to convey multiple data points and statistics without droning on and on in copy. As a designer, they present a welcome exercise. As a fiduciary of this company, I like the enhanced credibility they lend to our successes.

Next time, I’ll still be quick to judge and dismiss, but hopefully quicker to appropriate the idea.