Sundowner Trailers


Sundowner Trailers’ sales were beginning to slow. Because of the quality and durability Sundowner built into their trailers, owners had the tendency to hold onto their purchases for a longer period of time, thus reducing repeat purchases. The company had introduced several models at more moderate price points and needed to connect with new customers who would previously have considered a Sundowner trailer too expensive. Sundowner needed to do this without diminishing the brand and its higher-end offerings.


A print media and point of sale campaign was developed by The Factory that highlighted the deep sense of caring and value owners placed on their horses. All ads appeared with the phrase, “We understand.” Large-format prints were made to cover exteriors of different dealerships and print ads ran in various equestrian magazines. Vehicle graphics were also applied to company-owned trailers to travel to promotional events.


After several years of a decline in sales, the Grand Sierra and Sierra lines of high-end trailers experienced a modest sales growth, while Sundowner’s new Sunlite line became the fastest growing product line in the history of the company.