The Social Key

the Social Key


Available on the App Store

With The Social Key, you hold the keys to your social calendar. You can send invites to anyone’s phone or email. You can even include a map and calendar in the invite from a simple, single-step message screen. Kappas will never forget your event because you can send them reminders and request RSVPs. There’s even a way to tell your friends about spur of the moment happenings.

The Social Key was made with busy Kappas in mind. Kappas hold the key to the best social scene and The Social Key makes it easier to stay up-to-date and involved with fellow Kappas.

Once you decide who, when, and where, you’re done. With a single message, you’ve got the whole chapter informed and excited to attend your event. The Social Key lets you unlock the ultimate social calendar and hold the keys.

Messages come from your phone number with a personalized message. There’s no sketchy third party and your friends don’t have to give out their personal information. Everyone’s privacy is protected and there are no posts to social media and no signing up for anything. It’s also easy to customize your messages so the messages sound like they come from you, not a robot.

The Social Key’s messages can be sent to any phone or email because they format as a text and can be read from any phone or computer. No one has to sign up to receive the messages or sign into anything. With so much freedom for the users, The Social Key can be used for any event you could imagine.

Suggested uses for The Social Key:

  • Philanthropy events
  • Practicing for recruitment
  • Big-Little events
  • Lunches
  • Girls night plans
  • Happy hour
  • Pledge class bonding
  • Alumni events
  • Special events
  • Panhellenic Events