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Yodel is for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, cycling, hunting, mountain biking, off-roading, rock climbing, and anything else you do outdoors.

Yodel turns your iPhone into a safety beacon. Yodel allows you to format and easily send (SMS & email) messages to designated contacts:

  • where you are (location coordinates viewable in Google Maps on any smart phone or computer)
  • what you’re doing (route information, etc.)
  • when you estimate you’ll return

It also alerts you at the time of your scheduled return and sends your location coordinates through SMS or email to your personal safety network.

Yodeling was originally used by Swiss mountain climbers to communicate their location on the mountain to other climbers and to the villages below. Yodel works much the same way (without the questionable looks from others). Not to make any grand claims, but “Yodeling” your location may one day save you an arm and a leg – or, at least, an arm.

Yodel also features and SOS function that sends an emergency message to all contacts in the app’s Contacts directory with location coordinates then auto-dials 911 or a designated emergency contact.

With Yodel you can send way-points during your adventures for bragging rights or just to let them know you’re OK, again, with a single touch. Updated to now shout out Way-Points on Facebook.

  • Contact management to establish a “personal safety network”
  • Simple user interface – one-touch notifications
  • SMS and email notifications
  • SOS feature for emergency situations
  • No subscription fees
  • Runs in background, doesn’t use excess battery life
  • Totally private. No 3rd-party servers. Location data is shared only with your designated recipients